hidden heroes
hidden heroes

hidden heroes

A tribute to people who shaped technology

Hidden Heroes is a digital collection of stories about the people behind modern software and design.

At Netguru, we truly believe that software can change the world. We strive to support visionaries and innovators on their journeys to deliver revolutionary digital products. But their and our work would not be possible if not for the engineers and designers who over the past decades have made seemingly small discoveries that are now omnipresent in our everyday life.

Hidden Heroes is a tribute to innovators who set the foundations on which we build vital solutions for the modern world. Their inventions make the world run, but their stories remain hidden. Until now. Hidden Heroes uncovers unexpected connections between great human stories and technologies and ideas that are widespread public phenomena today.


“We don’t give enough attention to individuals who make ground-breaking discoveries that are seemingly small on an ideation level, and often invisible to us, but crucial for the way software development evolves. These people are the hidden heroes and I believe their stories are worth sharing with global audiences.”
Radek Zaleski, Netguru


  • Radek Zaleski / Creative Ideator
  • Nat Chrzanowska / Executive Director
  • Steven Johnson / Author
  • Ola Prejs / Executive Producer
creative producers
  • Marzena Szkolak
  • Filip Połoska
  • Paweł Stremski
design, development
  • Giulia Guglielmetti
  • Michał Jarosz
  • Mateusz Jankowski
  • Luka Bendić
  • Ceri Looker-Evision
  • Piotr Swierkowski
  • Marcin Rzymek
  • Rafał Sałak / Campaign Manager
  • Magdalena Klimko-Aydin / Social Media
  • Agnieszka Kukla / Media Relations
  • Kasia Parzonka / Launch Event Coordinator
  • Mary Achinger / Trailer Production
  • Monika Jangrot / Trailer Production
  • Patryk Hardziej
  • Dawid Ryski
  • Karol Banach
  • Paweł Jońca
  • Katarzyna Bogucka
  • Ewelina Gąska
  • Agata Nowicka
  • Ania Augustynowicz
  • Krzysztof Nowak
partner relationships
  • Agata Porowska
  • Przemysław Fryc
  • Vlad Levun
project management
  • Natalia Szajowska-Tomczak
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Don't miss a good story
Don't miss a good story
Don't miss a good story
Don't miss a good story
Don't miss a good story
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